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Our lawyers stand out in commercial, civil and municipal law. Our firm also practices in corporate and administrative law. Our lawyers will brilliantly defend your rights and interests, thanks to their competence and experience.

Commercial Law

Do you run a business? Do you need to draft or interpret contracts? Are you negotiating a commercial agreement, filing a suit against a company or defend yourself against one ?

Our team at Tandem Avocats-Conseils is best suited to guide you on matters such as starting or transferring a business, sell or buy a franchise or entering a business partnership. Our guidance will save you time and energy and, most importantly, prevent costly mistakes.

Civil Law

Are you at the heart of a complex situation? Do you have persistent problems at work, with your family or in your neighbourhood? Do theses problems impact your life or your estate?

If you need to take legal actions, our firm knows the laws and will defend your rights as its first objective.

Municipal Law

Need clarity with municipal bylaws, taxes or concepts such as expropriation of property?

Citizens as well as enterprises can have their projects halted by zoning problems, acquired rights or permit applications. You can count on our lawyers, some with more than 30 years of experience in municipal law. They know the applicable legislations in such matters.


Commercial, civil, administrative. It is often the only solution to complex matters. Our lawyers have the qualities of great barristers!

Administrative Law

There are numerous administrative tribunals and our lawyers have (done) many. Trust their expertise in defending your interests.

Insurance Law

It is frequent to encounter interpretation problems in insurance contracts. If you were refused compensation or want to terminate your contract, contact us!

Real Estate Law

Our lawyers are experts in this domain. Contact us with you real estate transactions, Hidden defects or co-ownership problems!


How to choose between a federally or provincially chartered company? What is a minute book and how to hold one? Tandem Avocats-Conseils will guide you through the registration of your company, trust or general partnership.

Estate Law

The administration of an estate, (…) can be an ordeal. Our talented lawyers are here to assist you.

Legal Drafting

A well written legal document can often save parties from costly trials. Ask our experts for help with your contracts such as commercial or shareholders agreements.

Let’s work together

At Tandem Avocats-Conseils, we offer a variety of legal services based on considerable expertise and also the possibility to collaborate with accountants, notaries and other professionals to ensure you receive proper support with your civil or commercial matters.

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